Who can use Wordomatrix?

All Users of English who wish to make their communication Effective: Employers,Employees,Teachers,Students,Business People etc.

In your conversation, you can find most of the words getting repeated, using 1st levelvocabulary that you had learnt during school days. May be it's time to replace many such words and make your vocabulary base broder, stronger and bolder.

Look at the following versions....

A Student : My teacher scolded me this morning.

A business man : My Owner berated me this morning.

An MNC Staff : My Boss told me off this morning.

In all the above three sentences, you can find the meaning almost remain the same but the verbs,synonyms and idioms/phrases only make the difference.
If you want to make that difference and effectiveness in your communication, yes, Wordomatrix is for you.


Professionals having key responsibilities in communicating with Clients and Upper Management by e-Mail or over Phone need to use effective Vocabulary such as Phrases, Idioms, Collocations etc.


It's quite essential for any student to ensure learning 3000 most important Words for Effective Communication..

How to learn?

AngLo's Wordomatrix provides Essential Words, Phrases, Idioms, Collocations, Proverbs, Words in Pair, Adjectives and Adverbs to strengthen the Vocabulary for both Advanced Users and Intermediate Users. You need not learn everything that is listed. Unfamiliar words of your choice may be selected and sent with meaning and usage to your e-Mail ID or learn online directly.

Don't Learn Unnecessary Words

There are 390 million words in English. You need not and cannot learn everything. You certainly need to know what are the words to learn for an Effective Communication.

Learn Words for 2Ps

There are some words to use in your Profession and there are some words to use in your Personal Communication.

Roll up your sleeves....

Roll up your sleeves, identify your week areas of Vocabulary and Start gathering effective Words,Phrases,Idioms and Collocations right now.

Get started now

Become Regular User of AngLo's Wordomatrix and Dominate English Users with your Magical Power of amazing Vocabulary.